We can’t change the fact that people divorce but we can change the way they divorce.

At Swarbrick Law we focus on mediation and collaborative divorces, two faster and cost effective ways for people to divorce. Our divorce lawyers help divorcing and separating couples and families move forward with their lives in a non-adversarial manner. At this time of significant change in your life, it’s essential you receive proper guidance from professionals who care. We devote the majority of our practice to family law and divorce, mediation, and collaborative law practice.

Wills & Estates

We provide caring, personal legal assistance to families in preparing their Wills and managing their Estates. Our lawyers help you plan your Will and Powers of Attorney to give you peace of mind.

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me over the last three years. Your professionalism and your compassion I will never forget. You were my strength and sanity through the long haul. You helped me survive it and I will always appreciate that. You were more than my lawyer, you were my pillar of strength and I appreciated the moments when you needed to make me see the reality of the situation. Thank you for putting up with all the moments and supporting me through those."

− I.

"I would like to thank you for all you’ve done in helping settle the legal matters between my husband and myself. You showed true interest and concern form my situation. I am satisfied that you worked with my children’s and my best interests in mind."

− J.

"Thank you for all your time and patience. You both set my mind at ease on several occasions. Your kindness and professionalism were greatly appreciated."

− H.

"Thank you for all of your efforts and my success - due to your true professionalism and expertise. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone with family law problems. All the best."

− L.

"Many thanks for all of your fine work on my file. I appreciate your sense of humour and your good advice. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a family law lawyer."

− D.

"Thank you for your calm and reasonable approach to the issues that I discussed with you. I appreciated your measured responses and the way that you laid out my obligations (even though some of that was hard to hear) and my options with likely consequences, every step of the way. You reminded me of the need to focus making sound decisions for the long term even if it meant taking a hit in the short term. "

− C.

"Thank you for your guidance and your valued advice. You helped me through a difficult time."

− E.

"Thank you for your professionalism and understanding in dealing with my case. I am very satisfied."

− A.

"Thanks for your work, understanding and efforts on my behalf over the past two years."

− E.